Frequently Asked Questions: General


What is Boab's 'area of use' and 'remote access area' policy?

Each franchise location has it's own rules and guidelines with regards to where you can use the vessel. Restrictions may apply to the area of use and it is mandatory that you inform the franchise owner where you intend on taking the vessel. All vessels are tracked and breach of hire agreement may lead to further action. NOTE: A $30 daily 'remote access fee' may be charged. Remote access is generally areas only accessible by dirt or gravel roads over 100km away from the location base. Contact individual locations for remote areas. 

What is Boab's bad weather policy?

Please read our Hire Conditions page thoroughly. If conditions are deemed not suitable, and after discussion with the franchise owner, the hire is usually postponed with your booking deposit (see payment section) credited towards the postponed hire.

Extendeded hours of operation? Can I hire a boat for half a day?

Situations can vary but generally, the following applies:

Extended Hours: All extended hours must be pre arranged with the location you are hiring from prior to the date of your booking. You can pick the boat up early (before sunrise) for an extra $50 per hour or you can bring the boat back later (than 4pm) also for a cost of $50 per hour.

Note: Unless prior arrangements have been made, if vessels are returned after 4pm this will be charged out at $75 extra per hour.

Half Day Hire: Company policy only permits full day bookings in advance. If you wish to hire for half a day, we request that you call the appropriate location on the actual day and make an enquiry with them. We do not take half day bookings in advance. 

Is there an on water safety briefing?

Yes. All first time hirers receive the following:

1. Paper work run through prior to taking the vessel.
2. On water safety briefing prior to taking the vessel.

Note: The on water safety briefing is designed to be informative and to make the hirer comfortable with important aspects of the vessel and trailer.

Can I pickup the vessel the night before my hire?

Yes this is possible, but must be confirmed with the franchise owner first.

Can I get the boat delivered to me? Can I tow the vessel away?

Yes. If pre arranged our franchise owners can tow the boat to your desired destination or another ramp other than their home ramp for an additional fee. Contact the franchise location you wish to hire from direct to find out the additional cost for delivery.

For each of our designated ramps we have included the delivery cost into the final amount. To find out where each locations designated ramp is, please see our locations page and click on your desired franchise location.

You can tow all vessels unless you are unlicenced, this includes the Runabout, Tinny and Jet skis. Maritime rules stipulate that an unlicenced hirer must remain in the designated franchise area, if they are hiring a boat without a boat licence and with the engine restrictor on.

Your vehicle must be capable of towing the vessel and this must be arranged prior to the pickup date. The following is the towing capacities for each vessel. Your car must have this or higher:

Centre Cab: 2500kg

Sports Rider: 2000kg

Kimberley: 1500kg

Runabout: 1200kg

Tinny: 750kg

Jet ski: 375kg or 750kg if towing two Jet Skis

Frequently Asked Questions: boat and jet ski


What type of vessels do Boab offer?

Boab's fleet has a model to suit your requirements. Custom made by Amara Boats Australia, our fleet includes a large Centre Cab, a medium Sports Rider, a medium Kimberley All-Rounder, a smaller style Runabout and Tinny. New to our fleet is Sea Doo's GTi130 Jet Ski and Pontoon.

All vessels come on a trailer, ready to tow to any destination yourself. We do provide a launch and retrieve service from our nominated boat ramps if you are unable to do so yourself (Please check with the operator to ensure your tow vehicle is suitable). All vessels are fully equipped with the mandatory safety equipment for inshore and offshore use. All vessels come with fish finder and depth sounder.

Please note: Each franchise location may or may not have the full range of vessels. If the vessel you require is not available from your selected location, you can source the desired vessel from the nearest location possible. Our vessels are on trailers and can be towed to any destination.

What are the vessel limits - offshore use?

Centre Cab 5NM or 15NM (depending on survey ,check with appropriate location)

Sports Rider 2NM or 5NM (depending on survey, check with appropriate location)

Sports Rider lite 2NM inshore use only

Kimberley 2NM or 5NM (depending on survey,check with appropriate location)

Runabout Smooth water use only, (W.A. allowed 2 nautical miles)

Tinny Smooth - partially smooth waters only

Do I have to clean the vessel before I return it?

The vessel is expected to come back tidy. You do not have to completely clean the vessel before returning. It is expected any blood, guts etc is washed off upon return.

How long is a full day hire?

Generally our hires are from 6am - 4pm. Contact your local Boab Franchise to discuss other options.

Can I pickup the vessel the night before my hire? Can I hire a boat for half a day?

Yes this is possible, but must be confirmed with the franchise owner first.

How do I hire a boat for New Years Eve?

 To hire a vessel contact the location directly by clicking here. Two day hire minimum is required for all NYE bookings. For further information contact Head Office on 1300 00 2622 or click here.

Frequently Asked Questions: Payment


How do I pay?

 When booking a hire online through our website the full hire amount will be deducted from your credit card at the time of the booking. 

Alternatively if a booking is made through our national 1300 number or direct with a franchise location a deposit (as per below) will be deducted from your credit card within 24 hours of the booking being confirmed. This deposit goes towards the overall cost of your hire, with the balance due on the last business day prior to the hire. We accept credit card, online bank transfer or cash.

 If paying via online bank transfers or cash this must be pre arranged with the franchise owner prior to the booking being confirmed. 

The deposits are as follows:

One day hire: $200 deposit required
Multiple day hire (2 or more days): 50% deposit required
Hire booked 3 months or more in advance: 50% deposit required

Our rates are located on the hire rates page. You can tow the vessel on the trailer yourself, or utilise our walk on/ walk off service where the vessel will be launched and retrieved for you.

What is the cancellation policy?

If due to unforeseen circumstances you wish to cancel your hire, we require notice. Your deposit is kept as a credit on the system until you are ready to hire again. We will generally try to book you in for another hire as soon as possible. In situations that warrant a refund, please speak to the individual franchise owner. Please check our conditions of hire in regards to this as we have a full cancellation policy in place.

What about the fuel cost?

You will receive the vessel with a full tank of fuel and you must pay to re-fuel the amount you used i.e. re-fuel it to a FULL tank:

TRAILER YOURSELF: It is your responsibility to replace the fuel you have used. The vessel must be returned with a full tank of fuel, if not fuel will be charged at $2.50 per litre.

WALK ON / OFF: Vessels will be refuelled by the Boab operator upon return. Fuel is charged as per the pump price on the day and will be charged to your credit card and detailed on your final receipt. In some cases, if the franchise operators schedule allows, you may be able to go with them to the service station and pay for the fuel directly. (Consult with your franchise operator prior to your hire if you would like to do this)

NO E10 FUEL ALLOWED - The hirer will pay all costs associated with removing any E10 from the vessel should they fill the vessel with E10

What about security bond and insurance?

 The hirer must leave a $1000 bond per vessel ($500 bond for Runabout) for the duration of the hire. The bond covers the insurance premium excess on each vessel and any damage to the vessel or trailer. The hirer is ultimately responsible for any damage to the vessel or trailer for the duration of the hire. The bond can be paid for with credit card or cash. Bond will not be refunded if you breach any terms and conditions of the rental agreement and is at the discretion of the Boab Boats Operator 

Note: Certain franchise locations may require a $3000 bond from hirers wishing to take the vessel to remote access areas. The franchise owner will inform you of this if applicable.

When is my bond returned?

 The bond will be returned at the end of the rental provided that the vessel has been returned on time, full of fuel and not damaged.

 If a pre-authorisation on a credit card was used, banks generally take between 3 - 5 working days to release funds used for a security bond. Boab do not contact the bank to remove the pre authorisation, the bank will release the funds automatically.

If a credit card was used to take the bond completely the franchisee will return the security bond within 48hrs.

If the bond is paid in cash, you will be refunded upon returning the vessel. Any damage to the vessel or trailer will be paid for out of the bond.

Frequently Asked Questions: Licencing


Do you accept ALL boat licences?

Yes most states do. We accept boat licences from all Australian states and we recognise all valid international boat licences or qualifications.

Can more than 1 person drive the vessel during the hire?

Yes, but the additional driver(s) must be listed on the hire agreement as (licenced if necessary) drivers.

Do I need a boat licence?

In NSW: Yes for all vessels unless you wish to hire the runabout with a restrictor on the throttle. See hire rates page under Runabout for further information.

In QLD: Yes for all vessels.

If you are under 18 you must hold a valid boat licence, and be accompanied by an adult who has a valid boat licence (in applicable states).


Can I hire without a boat licence?

In NSW: Yes but only on the Runabout. We place a restrictor on the engine limiting the speed of the vessel.

In QLD: No.

How do I get a boat licence?

 It depends which state you are in but most states require you to do a theory component and a practical. We do have several Boab locations in  QLD who offer boat licensing courses! 


Do I need a fishing licence?

If you are hiring a Boab vessel to go fishing both inshore and offshore a fishing licence is compulsory in the following states:

NSW: Obtained from your local petrol stations, tackle stores and sports stores, sports stores and online with

Unfortunately if you do not have a fishing licence on you you can be fined up to and over $100 and your catch will be released back.

Frequently Asked Questions: Franchises


Where are Boab Franchise Locations?

Boab has franchises Australia wide. Please click the 'Hire Locations' link on the home page. Each franchise location has its own link which gives you specific information for that area, including boat ramps, accommodation, local map, image gallery, weather, bait & tackle and extras.

Are Franchises available?

 Not Currently  


Frequently Asked Questions: Commercial boats


How do I book a commercial hire?

Send through a contact form via and a Boab Representative will get in contact with you.

Can I hire any of your boats?

Yes. All of our boats are in survey. 

Can you source other vessels for commercial work?

 We definitely can source other vessels! Give us a call on 1300 00 2622 or send through an enquiry via

Can you provide a skipper?

Yes. We can organise a skipper in any location across Australia.

Can you source barges?

Yes we can source barges from various locations around Australia.

How do I get a quote?

For a no obligation quote visit out Commercial Contact form and briefly explain your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions: Jet Skis


Which Boab locations offer Jet Ski hire?

At the moment; Mooloolaba, Bribie Island and Hervey Bay

Do I need a PWC licence to hire a Jet Ski?

Yes. You do need to hold a valid PWC licence to hire one of our Jet Skis.

What brand Jet Ski's do Boab hire out?

We currently have the 2015 Sea Doo GTI 130 available to hire.

How many people can ride on the Jet Ski?

 Three adults.

Do Boab have a safety briefing before hiring the jetski?

Yes. We run through the safety equipment and safety policies and procedures before you are allowed to use the Jet Ski.