About Port Hacking / Botany Bay

Located in Southern Sydney, Port Hacking and Botany Bay are interesting waterways to explore with a platitude of great fishing, beaches and rocky outcrops for picnicking. With a well-developed pleasure boating culture, you are spoilt for choice in selecting a great way to spend the day with family and friends.

A variety of leisure sport equipment is available for hire with our boats. You can utilise tubes, skis and knee/wakeboards in both Botany Bay and Port Hacking areas.

There are also multiple great locations available on the Georges River and Port Hacking to pull a boat up to and enjoy a picnic. These include the Georges River National Park, Towra Point Botany Bay or Main bar in the Port Hacking.

Port Hacking/ Botany Bay is fantastic for fishing. Utilise your boat hire by visiting;

  • Third Runway, Botany Bay: You can drift or anchor for Mulloway near the North-eastern corner of the third runway (Sydney Airport). For best results, drop your line in on the end of the drop-off on a falling tide.
  • Tom Ugly’s, Captain Cook Bridges, Georges River: Drift for Flathead here. Best bait to use are pilchards, whitebait or prawns. Any tide will see results as long as it’s running. You will also see results using soft plastics
  • South-West Arm, Port Hacking: On a run-in tide, fish for John Dory along the edges of the sand flats and weed beds near the entrance of the river. Rising of falling tide doesn’t seem to matter with a steady stream of berley used.
  • Bate Bay, Port Hacking: Kingfish and Snapper are among the many species available in Bate Bay. You can try off Shark Island, Osborn Shoals and Merries Reef. These spots are all prone to breaking swells.

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